Resnick Institute

Climate School

Climate School aims to provide in-depth technical information about the science of climate change to Caltech/JPL students, faculty, staff and affiliated networks.

It is hoped that after attending, participants will be able to understand the connections between greenhouse gas emissions and changing climate conditions around the planet, and will be able to explain these ideas to others.

Earth Week 2018 - Climate School Sessions

How to Change the Temperature of the Planet and What the Paleoclimate Record Can and Can't Tell us About What is Coming

Instructor: Professor Jess F. Adkins

This session addressed the basic concepts of energy balance, looking at the ways in which the planet’s temperature and climate can change at the global scale, and what the interacting earth systems are that play a role in this process. This session also includes a look at the historical climate record for clues about how these systems and processes have changed. Presentation slides.

Climate Change and the Oceans

Instructor: Professor Andy Thompson

This session will provide further information about how ocean dynamics influence the ocean's response to rising atmospheric temperatures and CO2 levels. This session will also highlight how observations from ships, satellites and autonomous platforms have contributed to our understanding of recent oceanic changes. Presentation slides.

Austin Minich

Common Myths and Misconceptions About Climate Change

Instructor: Professor Austin Minnich

Armed with the basics and details of the science, this session will focus on common misunderstandings that the general public has about climate change, and how to address those questions based on the science without engaging in tribalism. Presentation slides.