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FLOW’s Rocket Fund Wins Grant and Launches Cleantech 2 Edtech

January 6, 2017

Los Angeles schools will be helped to become more energy efficient, thanks to a new program launched by Caltech’s Resnick Sustainability Institute and the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). Cleantech 2 Edtech, a collaboration between LAUSD, and the institute’s FLOW Rocket Fund will use a $100,000 LA 2050 grant to pilot promising clean energy and water technologies in partnership with LAUSD and the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP). The program will also offer complementary education and internship opportunities for high school students in cleantech, particularly targeting students from diverse backgrounds.

LADWP is providing $2 million a year to LAUSD to implement energy saving solutions within the school system. Cleantech 2 Edtech, overseen by the FLoW Rocket Fund program, provides a channel for young cleantech companies to access some of this funding to introduce and test their technologies in the largest school system in the country.

The FLoW Rocket Fund recently completed its second year of awards and has launched an open invitation to apply for 2017 with the Cleantech 2 Edtech as an additional opportunity for applicants.

The five awards in 2016 went to the following companies:
  • BK Litec: Developing IoT applications through “smart” lighting systems

  • PowerFlex Systems: novel system for networking and managing EV charging stations

  • Opus 12: Technology aimed at doubling the production of methane as fuel from biogas plants

  • Viper Irrigation: Developing a direct injection system for watering high-end crops and decreasing water consumption by 85%

  • XStream Trucking: Developer of the Gap GorillaTM that closes the gap between cab and trailer and saves long haul trucks up to 8% in fuel costs

About FLOW

FLOW is a program of the Resnick Sustainability Institute at Caltech that provides educational and financial support for student and newly graduated scientists and engineers starting cleantech ventures. FLOW was originally launched as the Western region of the Department of Energy’s National Clean Energy Business Plan Competition (now Cleantech UP) for university students. The FLOW competition continues on as an integral part of the FLoW program, which also offers a cohesive set of services for startups, from early idea through demonstration. To date, FLoW has helped launch 25 companies that together have raised over $60 million. With entrepreneurial training, mentoring and real world exposure, FLOW aims to provide an unparalleled educational experience and become an indispensible resource for scientists and engineers starting their first cleantech company.

For more information contact:
Stephanie C. Yanchinski
Executive Director, FLOW