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    Creativity. That’s at the Heart of the Resnick SUSTAINABILITY Institute.

  • The Caltech Advantage

    The studio is an extension of the creative freedom and cross-catalysis
    that is central to Caltech

  • A Kaleidoscopic Lens

    At the Resnick Institute, scientists and engineers are challenged to tackle problems through a lens that brings together many different perspectives.

  • Leveraging the Fundamentals

    The Resnick Institute is grounded by the fundamental principles of science
    —and from here, we dive into the unknown.


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Welcome. The Resnick Institute is dedicated to supporting the cutting-edge science and creative problem solving necessary to change the balance of the world’s sustainability. Our featured video is from Thomson Reuters' seven-part series: 7 Reasons the World Will Be Sustainable, which examines the conflux of drivers that will enable sustainability globally. We are featured in the Science & Innovation section. We hope you enjoy this overview of our work and getting to know some of our staff and fellows!

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Anton Toutov

MAY 24, 2016

Everhart Lecture

Dow-Resnick Fellow Anton Toutov on Doing Tough Chemistry with Simple Elements: Lessons from Nature in Sustainable Synthesis

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