Resnick Institute


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Focused on research, education and communication, our diverse programs facilitate cross-campus relationships that serve to broaden the perspective of our faculty and students—and make an impact on the larger community.

The cornerstone of our programming is research support. Every year we fund exploratory research projects and graduate student fellowships across disciplines that are charting new directions in renewable energy and sustainability science. The projects we fund are generally high-risk and require cross-catalytic collaboration.

Corporate partnerships, visiting scholars, and our international research collaborations connect our researchers to industry and enrich the Caltech community beyond its core network of faculty, students and postdoctoral scholars. These programs provide valuable opportunities for students and faculty through sponsored research, mentoring, and exchange programs that accelerate the flow of ideas and information.

To encourage our students to put their ideas into action, we sponsor several awards and educational competitions including the Sustainability Innovation Student Challenge Award (SISCA), the FLOW CleantechUP competition and the Solar Decathlon. These activities promote creative thinking, teamwork and encourage the next generation of innovators to develop their ideas beyond the lab.