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Application period closed. Check back in Fall 2017 for the next call.

All applicants/nominees must be currently enrolled Caltech graduate students or if you are nominating a team, the team must have at least one currently enrolled Caltech graduate student on it.

Nominate Yourself or Your Team

  • Fill out the online entry form to apply.
  • Be prepared to upload the two-page overview and short bio submittals into your entry form in PDF format.


  • Submit a two-page overview of your project or research (not to exceed 1,000 words) summarizing how it relates to the selection criteria and what world challenge it seeks to solve sustainably. You may include one additional page of figures for a total proposal length of 3 pages. Please name your file with your last name followed by the word "Proposal" as a PDF i.e. Smith_Proposal.pdf
  • Submit a one paragraph short bio. If you are part of a team, you must submit a document containing one paragraph bios for each team member. Please name your file with your last name followed by the word "Bio" as a PDF i.e. Smith_Bio.pdf
  • One letter of support from a knowledgeable reference, who is not a member of your team, should be e-mailed directly to before the deadline. Please have your reference name their file with the applicant's last name followed by "LOS" as a PDF i.e. Smith_LOS.pdf.

Nominate a Graduate Student or Team

  • Submit a letter of support to explaining the student or student team's research, what world challenge it addresses and how it relates to the selection criteria. Please name the file with the nominee's last name then the word "Nomination" as a PDF i.e. Smith_Nomination.pdf. We will inform the student of the nomination and follow up with them to collect additional information.