Resnick Institute



The mission of the Resnick Sustainability Institute is to foster transformational advances in sustainability through science and technology research and education. We aim to fuse rigorous scientific inquiry with bold creativity to translate ideas into real world solutions.

The Resnick Sustainability Institute explores paths to sustainability by focusing on the innovative science and engineering research required to develop groundbreaking technologies and solutions to global energy, water, climate, and associated ecology challenges.

The Institute amplifies Caltech's long tradition of discovery focused on important environmental problems, and is committed to addressing the toughest problems that must be solved in order to improve the balance of the world's sustainability.


Since its founding, the Resnick Sustainability Institute has brought together scientists and engineers at Caltech, including some working closely with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) and other national labs, who have together made significant progress in artificial photosynthesis, envisioned new approaches for capturing and transmitting solar energy, and are developing new approaches to the science of climate change.

From new classes of materials for photovoltaics and photoelectrochemistry, to new bio-chemical processes for catalysis and wastewater treatment, to new ways to reduce the carbon footprint of industry—our researchers have made progress in the generation, storage, conversion and distribution of energy, water, and other natural resources.

The Institute mobilizes Caltech's deep talent pool across four core research initiatives with the capacity to address and solve pressing challenges in energy and sustainability:


The Resnick Sustainability Institute operates as a cross-divisional research organization and facility within Caltech. Policy and program decisions are made by the Director in conjunction with a Faculty Steering Committee, Division Leadership, and an Executive Advisory Council. The current Director is Jonas C. Peters, Bren Professor of Chemistry.