Resnick Institute

Climate Science

  • NASA/JPL Climate mission photos


Supporting the science and engineering critical to diagnosing, mitigating against, and adapting to climate change.


Through this initiative, we aim to advance our understanding of how the climate will change and how we can mitigate and adapt. We aim to reduce the uncertainty around the next century of climate change to inform sound policy decisions through development of new methods and improved models to help populations assess, prepare for, and respond to climate change risks.

  • Diagnosis

    • Quantifying the forcing of climate change (e.g. emissions of methane from agriculture and natural gas production, land use change in tropical regions, emissions of carbon dioxide from the growing megacities) is essential for informing efforts to reduce the rate of global warming. New methods, models, and improved use of data are needed to improve these forecasts.

  • Mitigation

    • Given the current trajectory of Earth’s climate, there is a pressing need to develop methods to reduce climate forcing by reducing emissions of methane, removal and burial of carbon dioxide, and possibly by engineering increases in the reflectivity of Earth.

  • Adaptation

    • Given increasing temperature, flooding, drought, and sea level, there a pressing need to develop technologies and approaches for adaptation (creating resiliency in built and natural systems).