Resnick Institute

Climate Science

  • NASA/JPL Climate mission photos


We know atmospheric carbon dioxide emitted by human activities influences climate. Regardless of our progress in changing the planet’s energy infrastructure, climate change is a reality. Through this initiative we aim to advance our understanding of how the climate will change, how this will impact different locations, and how we can mitigate and adapt. We aim to reduce the uncertainty around the next century of climate change, and to inform sound policy decisions through development of new methods and improved models to help populations assess, prepare for, and respond to climate change risks.

Important Questions

  • How can we combine new tools for measurements and machine learning to improve long-term climate change projections?
  • How can we monitor the Earth with a fleet of remote microsensors to measure gases such as methane and carbon dioxide, as well as ice sheet thickness and ocean salinity?
  • How can we integrate and analyze all of the data and make useful predictions?
  • How do we mitigate and adapt to the impacts of climate change?