Resnick Institute

Southern California Smart Grid Research Symposium Presentations

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October 13, 2011

The Smart Grid Research Symposium was a collaborative event for students, professors, and professionals to learn about and discuss the technical, economic, and policy challenges of integrating renewable resources into the grid.

Speaker Presentations

The Evolution of Control for the Smart Transmission Grid

Anjan Bose (WSU)

Competitive Electricity Markets with Consumer Subscription in a Smart Grid World

Hung-po Chao (ISO New England)

On-Line Available Transfer Capability of Large-Scale Power Grids with Renewables: Determination and Enhancements

Hsiao-Dong Chiang (Cornell)

Engineering IT-Enabled Electricity Services

Marija Ilic (CMU)

Optimal Demand Response

Steven Low (Caltech)

Coordinated Aggregation of Distributed Demand-Side Resources

Kameshwar Poolla (Berkeley)

Impact of Increased Penetration of Wind and Solar Resources on the Bulk Power System

Vijay Vittal (ASU)