Resnick Institute

Water Resilience and Sustainability:
Can We Make LA Water Self-Sufficient?


September 21-22, 2015

This workshop addressed the long-term potential for sustainable water use in urban environments, using the Los Angeles area as a case study for discussion.

The Keynote Session: “State of the art and future technologies for the optimized urban water system” was open to the public and free to attend. All other workshop discussions were private and by invitation only.

Keynote Session:
State of the Art and Future Technologies for the Optimized Urban Water System

Monday, September 21, 2015
8:45 am to Noon
Caltech Campus: Lees-Kubota Lecture Hall in the Guggenheim Building.

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Talks / Speakers

Facilitated Discussion 1
Envisioning a Water Self-Sufficient Los Angeles

This session is private and by invitation only.

Facilitated Discussion 2
Building the End-to-End Optimized Water Network

This session is private and by invitation only.