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Alessandro Zocca

Spring 2019

DSPx Workshop: Paving the Way for Future Distribution Power Grids

By Resnick Postdoctoral Scholar Alessandro Zocca

In order to optimally design and operate future distribution grids, there is an urgent need to connect future grid trends, potential technological needs and market mechanisms, with longer term academic and industrial research objectives; to identify gaps in R&D and areas of future research that will be relevant in the next 15 years.

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Niklas Thompson

Fall 2017

Through the Looking Glass: A Glimpse at Nitrogen Fixation Using Iron Catalysts

By Resnick Postdoctoral Scholar Julian West

“This is one of the most challenging transformations in chemistry, owing in large part to the stability of the N2 molecule.” I’m talking with Nik Thompson, a graduate student in the lab of Professor Jonas Peters at Caltech and the lead author on a recent paper in Journal of the American Chemical Society.

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ISMES Class View

Summer 2017

Resnick Fellows Reflect on ISMES VI

By Resnick Fellows Jinglin Huang and Ying Shi Teh

We recently had the opportunity to attend the sixth International School for Materials for Energy and Sustainability (ISMES VI), along with other graduate students and postdoctoral scholars from around the world.

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Mirror Image

Fall 2016

Mirror Mirror: A New, Sustainable Way to Make C-N Bonds

By Resnick Fellow Bryan Hunter

In a recent study, helmed by Caltech Professors Jonas Peters and Gregory Fu, researchers described a new, cleaner way to make carbon-nitrogen bonds, a common atomic connection in biology and chemistry.

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Solar Army Team Members

Spring 2016

Solar Army Shines at Caltech

By Resnick Postdoctoral Scholar Sonja Francis

The Solar Army is the outreach program associated with the NSF Center for Chemical Innovation in Solar Fuels (CCI Solar), whose research focus is the sustainable conversion of solar energy into chemical fuels. Two of CCI Solar’s outreach projects are SEAL (Solar Energy Activities Laboratory) and HARPOON (Heterogeneous Anodes Rapidly Perused for Oxygen Overpotential Neutralization).

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Justin Jasper and Cody Fincke

Winter 2016

Resnick Fellows Impacting Water Sustainability through Sanitation

By Resnick Fellow Adam Subhas

As the developing world continues to modernize, we must ask ourselves if the types of infrastructure we rely upon today are the same ones that will exist in China and India in 20 or 50 years. This statement is certainly true for the energy industry. It is also becoming increasingly important for clean water access.

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James Blakemore and Sam Johnson

Summer 2015

Resnick Fellows Present Research at International Solar Fuels Meeting in Sweden

By Resnick Fellow Sam Johnson and Postdoctoral Scholar James Blakemore

In April 2015, we had the tremendous opportunity to travel to Uppsala, Sweden for the 1st International Solar Fuels Conference. This large and vibrant meeting brought together 500 researchers from around the globe in the beautiful university town of Uppsala, Sweden. As Fellows of the Resnick Institute, we travelled to the meeting to present our original research, hear the latest developments in the field, and network with other scientists that are active in the area of solar fuels.

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chemical plant image

Winter 2015

Greening the Path to Useful Chemicals: Development of a New Wacker-Type Route to Aldehydes

By Resnick Postdoctoral Scholar Christopher Prier

Chemicals are fundamental to all aspects of modern society as the components of our plastics, textiles, electronics, and medicines. The field of green chemistry aims to deliver the chemicals that society demands in a manner that is as sustainable, energy-efficient, and resource-efficient as possible.

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research image

Fall 2014

Exploring Heat Transport at the Microscopic Scale

By Resnick Postdoctoral Scholar Moureen Kemei

Miniaturized micro-electronic devices are ubiquitous today, and the absence of a microscopic understanding of heat transport inspired Professor Austin Minnich and his group at Caltech to develop a new experimental technique called mean free path spectroscopy (MFPS), to study heat transport at the microscopic scale.

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Yiyang Liu

Fall 2014

Novel Catalytic Methods for Green Chemistry: Industrial Chemicals from Renewable Sources

By Dow-Resnick Fellow Anton Toutov

Caltech Professor Brian Stoltz and Resnick Fellow Yiyang Liu have been engaged in the discovery of powerful sustainable methods for industrial chemical synthesis. Their contribution to this field involves the development of non-petroleum-based routes to a class of industrial chemicals used in a variety of applications from the manufacture of plastics to the production of drilling fluids and lubricants.

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Anton Toutov

Fall 2014

Greening Organic Synthesis: Medicines, Materials, and More!

By Resnick Fellow Yiyang Liu

Caltech chemists Bob Grubbs and Brian Stoltz, along with their lead researcher, graduate student and Dow-Resnick Fellow Anton Toutov, are making strides in greening organic synthesis thanks to a breakthrough discovery.

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