Resnick Institute

Related Research Centers

CCI Solar and the Solar Army

The Powering the Planet Center for Chemical Innovation (CCI Solar) focuses on one of the outstanding problems in 21st-century science—the efficient and economical conversion of solar energy into stored chemical fuels. Through the CCI, the NSF has established a partnership with the scientific community to develop the fundamental enabling chemistry that will ultimately deliver clean fuels produced from the sun.

Center for Bioinspired Engineering

This center develops new approaches to technological challenges in energy, defense, and biomedicine by using engineering solutions found in nature. The four pilot research efforts are a program in bioinspired wind energy, sponsored by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, and research activities in flow control, propulsion, and biomedical devices.

Joint Center for Artificial Photosynthesis

This center brings together leading researchers in an ambitious effort aimed at simulating nature's photosynthetic apparatus for practical energy production. The goal of the Hub is to develop an integrated solar energy-to-chemical fuel conversion system and move this system from the discovery phase to a scale where it can be commercialized.

Light-Material Interactions (LMI-EFRC)

TThis center will enable much more efficient conversion of light to electrical and chemical energy by tailoring the morphology, dielectric structure, and electronic properties of matter to sculpt the flow of sunlight and heat.