Resnick Institute


  • Solar Material Research
  • Andy Martinolich
  • Carlos Read


Through this initiative we aim to develop technological capabilities to help society move towards zero carbon renewable resources, while also learning how to use those resources to reimagine industrial and manufacturing processes in an environmentally sustainable way. Society needs to undergo a major transition to begin using all of its resources in the most efficient ways possible, much as the Earth has learned over the course of its evolution. Fundamental insights will be directed toward design and deployment of practical technologies that benefit society.

Important Questions

  • How can we turn solar and wind energy into baseload electricity as well as a fuel source?
  • How do we produce cheap and energy-efficient fertilizers and fuels using solar power?
  • How do we leap forward with battery technology and efficient electrical grids?
  • How can machine learning help find new catalysts for chemicals, energy and materials?
  • How can we make commercially viable solar power beamed from space to Earth?
  • How can we harness microbial biomass degradation to generate biofuels?