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The FLOW Program

FLOW prepares students with projects aimed at making a positive contribution to environmental sustainability for entrepreneurial success. With a special emphasis on scientists and engineers, FLOW establishes a core foundation of skills to turn ideas and technologies into products and businesses. Through the program, scientists and engineers emerge as future leaders in the business community.

The program begins with a training series presented by our partners at the National Science Foundation Innovation Corps (“I-Corps”) initiative in Los Angeles, IN-LA. Their training is called BLITZ and it provides real world experience and the opportunity to learn from the marketplace. IN-LA helps with identifing markets and customer base, determining commercial readiness, and developing transition plans to move technology to market.

The capstone of the training is participation in the FLOW DOE CleantechUP competition, where student teams pitch their business plans and ideas in pursuit of over $100,000 in cash prizes and prototype-building awards.

Prior to the final competition, teams are assigned a specialized mentor pool to prepare them. Stellar advice ranging from legal support to marketing and product development is available and participants are strategically matched up to form the connections and networks they need to maximize their success. This includes access to strategic partners, funding sources and facilities for prototyping.

FLOW's Rocket Fund

FLOW also runs a Rocket Fund initiative that provides grants to bridge the so-called Valley of Death after university support ends but before funding from government agencies, corporate partners and investors kicks in. Aimed at accelerating the movement of exciting technologies out of university labs and into the marketplace, the Rocket Fund is hopeful that its awardees will have an important impact on energy efficiency and sustainability.

The FLOW program is open to university students and recent graduates. We’ve worked with students from universities all across the United States, whose innovations span the breadth of cleantech and sustainability.

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Stephanie Yanchinski: FLOW Program Director