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Intro to Ecology and Biosphere Engineering

RSI-10 in Session | Nov. 8, 2019

A brief introduction to the Ecology and Biosphere Engineering research initiative featuring Victoria J. Orphan, James Irvine Professor of Environmental Science and Geobiology, and Resnick postdoctoral fellow Kurt M. Dahlstrom PhD (Newman Group).

Intro to Remote Sensing in Environmental Science

RSI-10 in Session | Nov. 8, 2019

A brief introduction to remote sensing applications in environmental science research featuring Paul O. Wennberg, R. Stanton Avery Professor of Atmospheric Chemistry and Environmental Science and Engineering; Executive Officer for Environmental Science and Engineering; Director, Ronald and Maxine Linde Center for Global Environmental Science, and Resnick graduate research fellow Liyin He (ESE: Frankenberg Group).

Intro to Sunlight-to-Everything

RSI-10 in Session | Nov. 8, 2019

A brief introduction to the Sunlight-to-Everything research initiative featuring Resnick graduate research fellow Kyle Virgil (CCE: Blake and Atwater Groups) and Harry B. Gray, Arnold O. Beckman Professor of Chemistry; Founding Director, Beckman Institute.

The California Experience Goes Global - Terry Tamminen

Chen-Hunag Sustainability Series Lecture | April 22, 2019

Terry Tamminen, CEO of the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, and former CalEPA Secretary, examines California sustainability policies that succeeded in the state and became models around the globe for advancing environmental protection and “green” economic development. He also presents a roadmap for policies and projects that could simultaneously save endangered species (and their habitats), address climate change, and create the biggest wealth-generating opportunity of the 21st Century.

Climate Change and the Oceans

Earth Week Climate School | April 17, 2018

Instructor: Andrew F. Thompson, Professor of Environmental Science and Engineering presents a Climate School session about how ocean dynamics influence the ocean's response to rising atmospheric temperatures and CO2 levels. The session also highlights how observations from ships, satellites and autonomous platforms have contributed to our understanding of recent oceanic changes.

How to Change the Temperature of the Planet and What the Paleoclimate Record Can and Can't Tell us About What is Coming

Earth Week Climate School | April 16, 2018

Instructor: Jess F. Adkins, Smits Family Professor of Geochemistry and Global Environmental Science presents a Climate School session addressing the basic concepts of energy balance, looking at the ways in which the planet’s temperature and climate can change at the global scale, and what the interacting earth systems are that play a role in this process. The session also includes a look at the historical climate record for clues about how these systems and processes have changed.

Real-World Strategies to Win Climate Change - Hal Harvey

Chen-Hunag Sustainable Energy Series Lecture | February 13, 2018

Hal Harvey, CEO of the energy and environmental policy firm Energy Innovation, presents the strategy—which countries, which policies—required to deliver a low-carbon future. He also highlights characteristics of successful energy policy design and answers audience questions.

You Belong - Science Has No Borders

A video from Concerned Caltech Faculty documenting Caltech's "Science Has No Borders" immigrant solidarity rally. In response to the international travel restrictions, more than 500 people gathered on the Caltech campus on March 1, 2017 to express support for the international members of the Caltech community.

No Borders - Science and Caltech

A video highlighting the stories of four immigrants helping Caltech change the world. Anyone willing to take the challenge to work, study, or teach at Caltech is welcome here.

About Us and Sustainability at Caltech

An overview of what we do at the Resnick Institute and sustainability at Caltech.

Funnies & Outtakes

And on a lighter note, please enjoy these outtakes from the making of our "About Us and Sustainability at Caltech" video! Music Credit: Demon Dance by Parov Stelar

2015 Water Resilience & Sustainability Symposium - The Present and Future of California Water

Felicia Marcus: Chairperson, California State Water Resources Control Board presents a talk on "The Present and Future of California Water" preceded by opening comments presented at the Resnick Sustainability Institute's Water Resilience and Sustainability Symposium. This symposium took place at Caltech on September 21, 2015. The thematic focus of the symposium was, "State of the Art and Future Technologies for the Optimized Urban Water System". View all Symposium videos.

Element 19: A Breakthrough Discovery in Sustainable Chemistry

Element 19 (which is the number for potassium on the periodic table) shines a light on the remarkable Caltech discovery of a renewable potassium-based catalyst. The catalyst can be used for the manufacture of essential chemical products and is both sustainable and affordable. Featuring PhD student and Dow-Resnick Fellow, Anton Toutov, Professors Robert H. Grubbs and Brian M. Stoltz, postdoctoral scholar Wen-Bo "Boger" Liu, and undergrad Kerry Betz, the film aims to broadly explain the implications of the team's groundbreaking work in sustainable chemistry in an accessible way. Learn More

The 2015 Resonate Award Winners Discuss "Will Tech Save the Planet?" at the Aspen Ideas Festival

Panel Overview: The primary paradigm of our time is that high-tech solutions will eventually solve all of our environmental, social, and economic woes. Can modern technology alone save us in the presence of continued economic growth, population expansion, and climate change? Do we even have a choice anymore? Caltech’s 2015 Resonate Award winners — all world leaders in advancing sustainable solutions to global environmental challenges — discuss the issue. They examine what technologies are most needed to address today’s challenges, shedding light on the barriers technologists face and what is most needed to accelerate technological solutions in both the short and long term. Learn what future technologies could be game-changers and what other factors technologists think must be considered if technology is indeed to save us. Learn more about the 2015 Resonate Award winners

2015 Resonate Award Winner Yi Cui

Resonate Award recipient for engineering enhanced batteries and other sustainable energy related devices through innovations in nanotechnology.

2015 Resonate Award Winner Joel L. Dawson

Resonate Award recipient for innovations solving key power challenges in the cellular communications industry.

2015 Resonate Award Winner Tsutomu Ioroi

Resonate Award recipient for innovating enhanced materials for next-generation fuel cells.

2015 Resonate Award Winner Mika Järvinen w/ Collaborator Arshe Said

Resonate Award recipient for pioneering a CO2 sequestration process that converts a low-value steel-manufacturing by-product into a valuable resource for industry.

2015 Resonate Award Winner Delia J. Milliron

Resonate Award recipient for leveraging nanomaterials to improve the carbon reduction capabilities of smart windows.

2014 Resonate Award Winner Thomas Jaramillo

Resonate Award recipient for catalyzing chemical reactions for renewable energy production and storage.

2014 Resonate Award Winner Sarah Kearney

Resonate Award recipient for designing flexible impact-focused investment models to fund innovative ventures offering scalable solutions to global social problems.

2014 Resonate Award Winner Shinichi Komaba

Resonate Award Recipient for developing materials for safe, efficient battery storage for EVs and the grid.

2014 Resonate Award Winner Javad Lavaei

Resonate Award recipient for building a computational backbone to transform the power grid into one that is flexible, smart and dynamic.

2014 Resonate Award Winner Jay Whitacre

Resonate Award recipient for research and development of scalable, environmentally benign, low cost grid-scale energy storage.

A Discussion with Steve Koonin

Chen-Hunag Sustainable Energy Series Lecture | March 14, 2013

Dr. Steve Koonin, Director of the Center for Urban Science and Progress (CUSP) engages in conversation with Caltech's own Professor Nate Lewis. Discussion is followed by Q&A from the audience.

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