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Visiting Scholars

Paul De Martini

Paul De Martini

Managing Director of the Newport Consulting Group

Smart Grid Scholar

Paul is a leading expert in smart grid policy, markets and technology. He currently works with state and national organizations to define the restructuring of the electrical markets that will need to happen to incorporate distributed energy resources into the electrical grid. He is also consulting with a number of cleantech start-up companies that develop technologies and services that add value to the current electricity market and that additionally will help ease the transition to a distributed electricity infrastructure powered by renewable energy.

Paul was formerly the Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Innovation for the connected energy networks unit at Cisco Systems. At Cisco, he led the development of the Gridonomics™ value analysis, and global "utility of the future" business model development. Prior to Cisco, Paul was the Vice President of Advanced Technology at Southern California Edison. Paul has been actively collaborating with Professors Steven Low and Mani Chandy on their work analyzing energy markets for renewable energy generation. His presence on campus furthers their work, and provides the Caltech community with valuable and timely information on this evolving topic. Paul brings invaluable industry expertise to Caltech and he plays a valuable role in teaching and mentoring.