Resnick Institute

Water Resources

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  • Images of ice from NASA
  • Andrey Vyatskikh
  • Lab Researcher


This initiative focuses on science and engineering problems related to the measurement, movement, management and treatment of water. We aim to develop new tools to accurately measure surface and underground water resources, and how these resources change over time. We will use these data to develop a new scientific understanding of water flow and stability of geomaterials. Based on the best science available, this framework will inform decision support tools and expand our understanding of built and natural water systems. Relatedly, the design and engineering of new and innovative water treatment technologies is a central element of our vision.

Important Questions

  • How can we use remote sensing and other tools to best monitor ice sheet thickness?
  • How do we direct and track water reinjected into the earth?
  • How can we enhance our understanding of groundwater interactions with surface waters to best replenish underground reservoirs and optimize their use?
  • How can we improve treatment options for both salt and wastewater to increase fresh water supply?
  • How do we make smart nanostructured materials to efficiently extract salt from water?