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The Resnick Sustainability Institute (RSI) advances global sustainability through transformational science, engineering, and education. We prioritize research across campus that addresses challenges and opportunities associated with climate change and the stewardship of natural resources. The fundamental insights gained are directed towards implementation and scale-up for real-world impact.


RSI research is broadly focused on four interconnected initiatives, where Caltech researchers are poised to provide uniquely impactful science and technology solutions.


Sunlight to Everything

Supporting science and engineering to make materials and build systems that harness sunlight while reducing greenhouse gas emissions, waste, and facilitating carbon drawdown.


Climate Science

Supporting science and engineering to diagnose, adapt to, and mitigate against climate change.

Courtesy Jackie Moonves

Water Resources

Supporting science and engineering to improve our ability to predict, manage, and improve availability of fresh water.

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Ecology and Biosphere Engineering

Supporting science and engineering to understand and sustain the biosphere.

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Supporting outstanding students and postdocs to pursue research and training in exciting areas of sustainability at Caltech.


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Helping Caltech scientists discover new ways for innovation to have world impact.

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Examples Algae-Based Biocomposites from C. Daraio's Lab

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